Alaska’s guitar alternative, humorist, multi-instrumentalist, and one man band operator.


“he’s an engaging storyteller, frank and funny (and maybe a little crass) but overall highly entertaining.”– USA TODAY

“His songs are a window into life in Interior Alaska…Stories of bear encounters, living the dry cabin lifestyle, laundry chores, and bird songs abound”-KUAC 89.9FM

“Not only is Ukulele Russ a great musician and performer, but his schtick is perfectly suited”

“A great blues style, a great voice, dark humour and most of all, a player who prefers to do things his way rather than what some people prefer to dictate.” –

“What you get with Russ is wonderful ukulele artistry and his trademark sense of humour. His uke playing style is innovative and free-flowing. I’m a fan.”


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